FSDI is one of the pacesetters in design of HSR in China. Among the large-scaled constructions of HSR, passenger dedicate line and high-standard railway, FSDI has systematically mastered and possessed a series of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the fields of completed set of HSR construction technologies in collapsible loess area, severely cold areas, high mountains, Gobi, deserts and destructive wind areas.



With a total length of 1776 km, it is the longest HSR constructed in one time in the world. The wind-proof complete set of technology is world-leading, filling the technical gap of HSR construction in the Gobi windy area, perfecting the HSR theoretical system of China, and winning the ‘FIDIC Outstanding Engineering Award’.


It is the world’s first HSR built in the collapsible loess area. The company’s complete set of design and construction technology with independent intellectual property rights has been applied, which is of great significance for advancement of China’s science and technology in Railway and has won the Second Prize of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology.



It is the world’s first HSR crossing the alpine area with three worldwide recognized technical difficulties of anti-frost heaving subgrade, ice-thawing for the OCS and snow-melting for the turnout successfully solved. Its HSR construction technology in the alpine area with independent intellectual property rights represents the current highest level of HSR design and construction in the world. The project is selected as the ‘Ten major S & T progress news’ by the China Academy of Sciences and China Academy of Engineering.


It is the first HSR crossing Qinling Mountains, pioneering the high-standard railway constructions in the mountainous areas.



Closely linked with the trunk lines of Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Railway, Zhengzhou-Xi’an Railway, Xi’an-Lanzhou Railway, Xi’an-Chengdu HSR and Taiyuan-Zhongwei (Yinchuan) Railway, Datong-Xi’an HSR is the important part of the national fast passenger transport network, which has profoundly influenced the development of western region and the constructions of the Silk Road Economic Belt.


It is the important part of the national fast passenger transport network as well as the main passenger transport channel for ‘the Belt and Road’ and ‘China-Europe Railway Corridor’ within China.



It is the first HSR in the western China, which has efficiently shortened the time and space among western region, central plain urban agglomerations and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei metropolitan areas.


It is one of the significant part of both Baotou-Hainan grand channel in the ‘National Medium and Long-Term Railway Network Plan’ and 米-type HSR Regional Network with Xi’an as a hub. It will become the most convenient channel connecting Guanzhong urban agglomeration and urban belts along the Yellow River after completion.



It is one of the top five EMU depots in China, undertaking the third-class, fourth-class and fifth-class advanced maintenance/repair for the northwestern five provinces. The maintenance/repair capacity, intelligent logistic distribution, technical equipment layout have all reached the international advanced level, and formed the complete set of maintenance/repair technology in high level.alto nivel.